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GLOBAL Knightcore Kingdom Starters

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GLOBAL Knightcore Kingdom Starters

  • Global server
  • Accounts are fresh
  • Tutorial only
  • Used 1 multi   tutorial only

How to buy ?

  • First pick the account you want to purchase from catalog link (gdrive)
  • Then find the corresponding name on website.
  • Add to cart
  • Checkout with one of the payments methods provided
  • Leave a fresh email:pass/gmail in checkout ,
  • Delivery via email within 24h or if delivery fails youll be refunded you !

Account Legitimacy

  • 100% legit & safe without a single fraud. There is no Hacked/Modded/Duped/Stolen/Cheap Top Up used.
  • All accounts have been tested and im the only owner of this accounts , no reseller.

How To Receive Your Account

  • Leave a email:pass/gmail for binding  will be sent to the email when account is ready to login.
  • Delivery Time: within 24 hours after payment confirmation.
  • If we fail to deliver in time , a full refund will be issued.

How To Log In

  • Sign in with email/gmail provided  from title screeen.
  • If you experience any issues be sure to contact me.

What if i didnt get within 24 hours

There are 3 cases:

  1. Your email that  you used when you placed  the order might be wrong.
  2.  Your inbox is full and you are not able to receive our email.
  3. Your email cannot receive email due to Gmail technical problems.

Please contact me  with your Order Number so we can check your order.

How to contact me

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ImagePriceDescriptionStockKNIGHTCORE KINGDOM STARTERAdd to Cart
$9,99Only 1 item left in stock!Kurin Halloween+2 Purple Units Server America Pearl early game gmail
$4,99Only 1 item left in stock!A5-D4-Server America Pearl Parfait+Alys
$4,99Only 1 item left in stock!A6-D10-Server America Geraint Parfait+Raici
$4,99Only 1 item left in stock!A6-D8-Server America Geraint Uluru King+Bedivere
$4,99Only 1 item left in stock!A3-D10-Server Europe Great Elder+Parfait
$4,99Only 1 item left in stock!A3-D9-Server Europe Kai+Ululu King
$4,99Only 1 item left in stock!A4-D3-Server Europe Van+Ululu King
$4,99Only 1 item left in stock!A4-D8-Server Europe Kai+Ululu King
$4,99Only 1 item left in stock!A2-D10-Server America Geraint Parfait+Ganis
$4,99Only 1 item left in stock!A2-D4-Server America Geraint Uluru King+Ganis
$4,99Only 1 item left in stock!A2-D6-Server America Geraint Kai+Ganis
$4,99Only 1 item left in stock!NT3-Server America Pearl Ululu King+Carlton
$4,99Only 1 item left in stock!NT7-Server America Pearl ACC7
$4,99Only 1 item left in stock!NT8 America Pearl Server Kurin+Raici
GLOBAL  Knightcore Kingdom Starters

GLOBAL Knightcore Kingdom Starters

$4,99 $9,99
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